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Thanks for supporting local and checking us out!

You'll find we do things a little differently around here

Get to Know Us

As award winning musicians, business owners and a married couple,

we've set out to make planning the music for your wedding easy and FUN,

while keeping the business aspect SIMPLE and transparent.

The final product is an UNFORGETTABLE party

that is unmatched in quality and ENERGY

that your guests will be RAVING about for years to come!

"The guests at our wedding were so happy and flat out just having a blast. I couldn’t recommend this band enough 17 stars out 10!!!!!!"
"I wish we could have our wedding again just to have them perform!"
"What struck us most was not only the raw talent and the ability to completely nail each song, but that the band itself had fun.
You would never know they were not just a group of friends getting together to jam out."
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