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Our Story

Our Story

PopStyle is unique to Rochester, the creation of Karl Stabnau and his wife Natalie.

Both are internationally acclaimed, award winning musicians, each holding 3 music degrees. Besides being music educations (RIT/SUNY Brockport) they are the owner/operators of Sonic Era (a live concert promotion company) as well as The Theater at Innovation Square- a multi-disciplinary performing arts center in the heart of downtown Rochester. 


They didn’t need to add an event band to their impressive resumes, but having grown up in Rochester and played with the local & chain wedding bands in the area, Karl set out to create a better experience on every level. From the transparency during the planning stages and the inclusive rates, to the musicians and song selections, PopStyle raises the standard.


PopStyle has a set roster, which means the musicians on the website are the musicians on every gig. This is pretty important when a band is the sum of it’s musicians. Each person in PopStyle has been personally selected for their incredible musical ability. Within the group there are over 15 music degrees, with hundreds of  awards, television appearances and recording credits, not to mention almost every member works in the music field in Rochester. 


The sound and light equipment that PopStyle carries is usually only seen in professional venues. Run by professional sound engineers, the wireless gear reduces their overall footprint on stage and ensures concert level sound regardless of how big or small the space is. On the business end, Karl and Natalie believe in personal connection and transparency. They will work with you to craft the perfect soundtrack to your special day by getting to know you and your vibe and making suggestions on flow and timeline based on their vast experience. PopStyle's rates are largely inclusive, with only a couple of exceptions, since the fees go directly to the musicians with a small amount saved out for travel expenses, equipment upkeep and marketing.


There are so many other aspects which set PopStyle apart- so check us out, ask us questions- you’ll find we are more than a band. 

Meet The Team

The Team
Our Music

Our Music

PopStyle is a cover band- meaning we play music that other people have made famous. We don't take requests because some songs don't translate well to live bands, but we are always happy to play the recorded version on our playlists during band breaks. 

Our song selections range from the 1950's to today's hottest hits. After you fill out some "Must Haves" and "Can't Stands" from our list we get a feel for your vibe and start to craft your unique party soundtrack. We don't stick to a set-list, but monitor what your guests are rockin' out to, then maintain that energy until the very end! 

We hit hard, all night long and only keep the hottest tracks on our list. If it seems shorter than others, we don't apologize because every song on our list is categorized as an "I HAVE TO DANCE TO THAT ONE TOO!!!" song. 

Click here to see our current Vibe Creator.


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